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5 Tips For Safe Driving With Satellite Navigation

The widespread use of GPS has helped the world get from A to B taking the most efficient route possible without getting lost. However, it can be too easy however to rely on technology and forget to look where you’re going with this extra distraction. Stay safe while on the roads with our top tips of driving with a satnav:

Be sure your satnav isn’t blocking your vision

Find the optimum position for your satnav, the Highway Code says that your windscreen must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision. Be sure to keep it out of your line of sight, but don’t place it so far away that you have to keep your eyes off the road to look at it though.

Check the selected route before you set off

There are lots of towns and villages in the UK that have the same name, so if you put the wrong destination in, predictably, that’s where your satnav will take you. Double check your satnav is going to the right destination before you set off.

Programme/adjust your satnav when stationary

Trying to type in an address into your satnav is distracting and one of the main causes of accidents, so if you need to do update your destination, pull over to a safe place.

Have the volume turned up

Concentrate on the road rather than keep looking at your satnav, so be sure you can hear and understand your satnav directions without having to visually check the device.

Keep your satnav out of sight

Satnavs are valuable, therefore are a popular target for thieves. Keep it in the boot or out of sight, including the mount and suction cup marks.

If you are looking to purchase a satnav then look no further as the “SEAT Portable System Live*” offers the complete navigation system, with a large five-inch touch screen includes voice recognition  and Bluetooth technology. As well as live traffic and weather updates, and if you are low on fuel it can direct you to the closest petrol station or the best restaurant in town.

Miller & Middleton can offer you all SEAT accessories as well as being the go to SEAT dealership near Chelmsford and Colchester in Essex? Pop by to Miller and Middleton and we’ll see if you can find your next car!

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