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Advice On Avoiding A Fine When Driving Abroad

If you’re planning on driving abroad this summer, one of the most important aspects apart from driving on the other side of the road is to stay legal. By being prepared and taking care when on the roads of Europe, you have to ensure you don’t get stuck with an expensive fine, or worse. If you believe that there are too many motoring rules and regulations here in the UK, you haven’t experienced anything yet.


• 400 - the number of newly installed speed cameras after the removal of all speed camera warning signs – they have also made having a satellite navigation system warnings of upcoming speed cameras illegal
• £9 - the fine for not having a breathalyser in your car
• 12mph - the amount the speed limit is decreased by in wet weather
• £110 - the fine for not wearing a seatbelt, or for using your phone whilst driving
• £39 - the fine for not using your indicators
• Essential equipment includes a breathalyser, warning triangle and reflective jacket


• 2 metres – the distance you must keep from the car in front failure to do so will result in penalty points
• 4 of the 5 lanes on the Autobahn have a speed limit (usually around 81mph)
• 9-12mph - the minimum speed to travel by failure to do so results in penalty points and on the spot fines
• Essential equipment includes a warning triangle and first aid kit


• If you require glasses to drive you must have at least 2 pairs of glasses in your vehicle
• £143 - the fine for driving without your lights on (in daylight) when it’s raining
• You cannot use a mobile phone in your car, even on the side of the road
• Essential equipment includes 2 warning triangles and enough reflective jackets for all passengers


• No use of horns in built up areas
• 12mph - the amount the speed limit decreases by in wet weather
• 68mph is the speed limit on dual carriageways, 12mph less than on motorways
• Essential equipment includes a warning triangle, replacement light bulbs and a reflective jacket

Laws differ considerably in all these major European countries, so be sure to think ahead wherever you may be going to avoid any hassle on the road.

Most hire companies include accessory kits as standard, however if you a driving from the UK we at SEAT we offer a travel safety accessories kit to assist you on your European adventure. Get in touch with Miller & Middleton to find out how we can help as the leading SEAT dealer located in Essex. 

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