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Car Insurance Jargon Explained

Car Insurance is filled with its own terminology. Trying to decipher some of these phrases and terms can complicate the process of getting an insurance quote and could end up leaving you confused. Here are some terms and their definitions which we hope will make things a little easier for you.


The excess is the amount you would have to pay towards the cost of an insurance claim (even if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault). The amount will depend on the type of claim you make and will be displayed on your Car Insurance Schedule. A voluntary excess means you decide whether you want one and how much it is.


An immobiliser is an anti-theft device that is activated when the key is removed from the ignition. It prevents a car from starting until it’s deactivated.

Main driver

This is the person who uses the car most of the time. It’s important to be honest, and not claim to be the main driver if it’s in fact someone else.

Mid-term adjustment

A mid-term adjustment is a change that’s made to your policy during the policy term, either because you have changed car or moved house. Sometimes this can have an effect on the price of your premium; however you must always let your insurer know if any of your details change.

No Claim Discount/No Claims Bonus

A No Claim Discount is a discount on your premium based on how many consecutive years you have driven without making a claim.


The policyholder is the name on the car insurance policy. The policyholder earns any No Claims Discount at the end of the policy year, so make sure the policy is in your name if you’re hoping to earn a No Claims Discount.


The premium is what you pay for your insurance, which can be paid monthly or as a single, upfront payment.

Renewal Notice

This is created and sent by the insurer to let policyholders know that their policy is coming to an end. It also includes the customer’s new quote (renewal quote) and explains how you can renew. If you don’t want to renew your policy, be sure to give enough notice to your insurer.

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