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Driving with Dogs | The Ultimate Guide

As a nation of dog lovers, It’s fair to say our furry friends have become a huge part of our lives. As a result, driving with dogs is becoming ever increasingly common. Whether you are taking them in the car with you on a day out, going on holiday with them, or just going to the shops so they are not left alone, their safety should also be a priority.

Could they make us drive safer?

How does it affect us Brits on the road?

According to Seat research over half of UK drivers admitted to driving safer with a dog on board. 

The 18-24 age group are often considered the most at risk while driving. 69% of motorists claim they would also drive more careful with a dog on board.

35% of dog owners say driving with their dog on board makes them feel more relaxed behind the wheel. 

Could this be the answer to our road rage behind the wheel? 

What are the potential consequences?

If we are to take our dogs along with us, we have a duty of care towards their safety too as well as our own. Having said that, one in five drivers are totally unaware of any dog-related driving laws at all. 

Have you ever been driving along only to see a car coming the other way with a dog hanging out the window? Many drivers (64%) are unaware that there any consequences at all behind the safety laws of restraining their four-legged friends. 

Despite how much dogs seem to love it, nine out of 10 drivers don’t know they can get fined up to £5,000 and up to nine points on their license for not restraining their pooches while driving. This hefty fine can be issued by police for driving without due care and attention. On top of this can also invalidate your car insurance. 

To avoid this, you should transport your dog with either a seatbelt, car seat, crate or separation grille in place. 

To see any of Seat recommended car accessories visit here: https://www.seat.co.uk/owners/your-seat/accessories-merchandise/overview.html

Do’s and Don'ts while driving with your dog.



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