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How To Make Your Fuel Go Further

Are you spending more and more of your time and money at the petrol station? Despite the rising cost of fuel, more frequent visits to the petrol station could be as a result of your driving style. Take a glance at these fuel saving tips to help make your stops at the pump a little less painful.

Plan your journey

Unknowingly taking the long way when running your usual errands or doing your daily essentials is obviously costly. If you’re unsure of where you’re going, your satnav will keep you from getting lost, and help you plan the most fuel-efficient route from A to B.

Resist the urge to speed

Avoid regular gear changes and unneeded revving of the engine, keeping to a consistent speed on the road will also reduce your consumption. For every 5mph you shave off your motorway speed, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7%. This means that driving at 65mph instead of 70mph can save you a chunk of money.

Use your air conditioning sparingly

Car air conditioning is powered by your engine and essential on a hot day, but to save fuel you’re better off using it intermittently rather than leaving it on constantly. It can really drain your fuel resources so choose your moments wisely.

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure

Tyre’s that aren’t inflated to the sufficient level aren’t just dangerous, but they can cause your car to burn more petrol. Keeping a car’s tyres correctly inflated can improve fuel economy by around 3%, and also increase their lifespan.

Keep on track

Poor wheel alignment causes your tyres to wear out quickly, and also forces your engine work much harder in order to neutralise the problem. Keeping your tyres aligned correctly by having the tracking regularly checked will help you save up to 10% on your fuel usage.

At SEAT we have our Ecomotive range, with advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption through START STOP system and the Brake Energy Recovery Systems. Our fuel efficient cars will save you a lot of money!

At Miller and Middleton we offer incredible fuel efficient and reduced CO2 emission new and used SEAT cars in Colchester, so be sure to check out our great fuel saving deals.

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