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SEAT Take Over Paris: The Paris Motor Show 2018

On 4 October SEAT travelled to Paris to participate in the prestigious annual Paris Motor Show. SEAT launched two pop-up stores to showcase its new models, including the eagerly anticipates public debut of the new Seat Tarraco.

The award-winning Arona was on prime display in the pop-up store located in Saint Lazare Square and as of 6 October the world renowned CUPRA brand was on display in Le BHV Marais drawing large crowds for the unveiling of the CUPRA Ateca.

The SUV Range

For the first time ever, SEAT were able to display their entire SUV-range in one place. Before the show’s finale on 14 October, SEAT gathered the entire line of SUV models; the Arona, the Ateca and the New Tarraco in the Saint Lazare Square pop-up shop.

The New Tarraco took its place on the main SEAT stand with the claim ‘Why not now?’. Visitors got to know the car and enjoy a spectacular experience in an interactive room lined with reflecting walls that transported them to the centre of the Tarraco universe. The model attracted an abundance of new customers, boosted the image of the brand and made a positive contribution to the SEAT as a company.

SEAT’s new large SUV symbolises the brand’s entry into the 4x4 all-terrain category of vehicles with up to 7 seats. Presented last September 18th in the city of Tarragona, the Tarraco points to the design direction to be followed by the company’s future vehicles.

Positioned at the forefront of SEAT’s SUV range, the Tarraco prominently features design and functionality, sportiness and comfort, affordability and quality, as well as technology and emotion.

SEAT’s Activities

SEAT offered an array of different activities at this years Paris Motor Show to showcase not only their design and innovation prowess, but to give an insight into how SEAT want to adapt and improve their vehicles in the future.

SEAT had a test drive site available for visitors in the Green Center at Place de la Concorde, where the Leon and the Ibiza city cars were fuelled with compressed natural gas (CNG) and then taken for a spin.

To add to this, the groundbreaking Arona TGI was also exhibited for the first time as the world’s very first SUV to run on on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). With the Arona TGI, SEAT now have the broadest natural gas powered vehicle range of any European brand in the market.

Cupra Ateca: A brand is born

The sporty new SUV spearheads the new CUPRA brand and stands out for the extraordinary balance between sporty driving pleasure and convenience for day-to-day use. With its sporty design, unique style and personality, it features an impressive array of technology equipment that places it on a par with premium competitors. The creatively designed vehicle was particularly popular at the Paris shows, drawing vast crowds who wanted to experience the birth of a new brand.

Miller and Middleton

Here at Miller and Middleton, we are overwhelmed with the response that SEAT received following their display at the Paris Motor Show with many in attendance holding the view that SEAT captured the limelight with their groundbreaking design, innovative technology and forward thinking.

We cannot wait to have the star of the show, the Tarraco, in our showroom at the beginning of 2019. If you want to find out more about the Tarraco take a look at our news article here or check out the Tarraco page here.


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