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SEAT to Launch 20v20 SUV at Geneva Motor Show 2015

SEAT is set to make an impression at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 with its launch of a brand new concept SUV, which is named the 20v20. The SEAT 20v20 concept car is a giant leap forward for the brand and shows that the brand is looking forward.

The 20V20 name means “vision veinte veinte” – Spanish for 20:20; the car is a unique balance of unmatched performance, versatility and power. It has a muscular exterior, inspired by the strong figure of an athlete. Its next level use of communication and information technologies also gives the SEAT 20V20 an intellect that matches its revolutionary design.

It combines the unique silhouette of a four-door sports car with the refinement of an SUV and the utility of a mid-size estate car.

Jurgen Stackmann, Chairman and CEO of SEAT S.A commented:

“The 20V20 is a new calling card for the SEAT brand. With the 20V20, we are demonstrating how we will develop the unique and highly successful SEAT design language for forthcoming models. Design is already one of the most important reasons for buying a SEAT and we intent to build on this strength, along with technology.”

The SEAT 20v20 is self-assured and ready for any situation given its power and refinement. Its 20-inch wheels and forward expression shown through its full-LED headlamps mean this sports utility showcar has a vigorous stance that’s far off aggression. The 20V20 offers a good amount of space and luxury travel for five people, with sheer precision of design and build demonstrating a key element of the SEAT brand. The dominant materials of the 20V20 include leather, aluminium and dark glass.

Along with the car’s versatile interior and over 600 litres of luggage space, the four-door SUV marks a step forward in SEAT’s use of brand technology; the unique Personal Drive Device acts as an ignition key and interface inside the car and a pedestrian navigation system when outside it – helping to bring you right back to the 20V20 if you ever forget where you parked it.

Intelligent lightweight design is combined with body development, which enhances the magnificent efficiency of the 20V20, not to mention the driver assistance systems enforcing the levels of comfort and safety. The SEAT Connect technologies help connect you with the world; it can be used simply via voice control. There is a quality selection of drive options, including powerful TSI engines of up to 300ps as well as TDI engines that are both powerful and efficient, and delivery up to 240ps.

SEAT is taking a huge step into the future with this 2020 vision, enabling its developmental path and continuing its obsession as a perfectionist in its demands and passionate in its expression. We hope it’ll be available in March 2016 so watch this space!

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