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SEAT X Shazam


SEAT have partnered up with the revolutionary Shazam to become the very first car manufacturer on the planet to integrate the music-discovery app into its vehicles worldwide.

The Shazam application enables users to connect with the world around them and identify new music at the touch of a button. The feature is now available to SEAT customers giving drivers the ultimate connected car experience.

SEAT are aiming to integrate Shazam into every SEAT vehicle that has the SEAT DriveApp, so that drivers can easily identify new songs while driving in a completely safe manner. This huge step for SEAT brings the car manufacturer one step closer to their goal of creating a unique and tailored driving experience for each different driver.

SEAT president, Luca de Meo said “For all music lovers, being able to identify songs is going to be at their fingertips. Integrating Shazam enables us to continue making progress in our goal of delivering maximum safety for our customers and achieving zero road accidents.”

Becoming Front Runners

SEAT is looking to strengthen its commitment to promoting car connectivity and the all-new partnership with Shazam is the perfect way to do it.

SEAT have also managed to create a partnership with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant as well as integrating Google’s navigation system ‘Waze’ into SEAT vehicles. Now having secured the partnership with Shazam, SEAT have firmly placed themselves amongst the front runners in car technology.

When will it be available?

Shazam will be available in every SEAT vehicle that benefits from the SEAT DriveApp for AndroidAuto. This application simply allows the car and your mobile to connect efficiently so all you need to worry about is getting to your destination and everything else will remain completely hands-free and completely safe.

The technology is currently available in Spain, Germany and Switzerland, however this will shortly be followed by Austria, France, Italy and right here in the UK.

We are incredibly privileged to be able to have such revolutionary vehicles on display here in our showroom and we cannot wait to have this brand new feature on display for everyone.

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Also, take a look at SEAT X Shazam in action by clicking the link here https://youtu.be/FYE7AB_RThE 

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