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Brand-new clothes, brand new shoes, even a brand new mobile phone. In todays society all of these things seem to provide us with a sense of achievement and make us feel good. But why settle for ‘good’ when with SEAT’s new 17-plate range, you can feel great!


As SEATs leading dealership in Colchester, Essex we are currently preparing for the release of our new 17-plate range that becomes available on the 1st of March.

From the customer favourite SEAT Leon to the infamous SEAT Ibiza, each model has undergone a modern day revamp to optimise comfort and efficiency and grantee the best possible performance.

The new Leon ST combines the traditional family car practicalities with a new sleek look including design lines that have been honed to perfection and a longer body that allows for the highest level of interior comfort. Family life never looked so good.

As well as the Leon, SEATS ever popular, Ibiza, has undergone a makeover for 2017 that provides the latest model with a road presence that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

Various other SEAT models including the Mii, the Toledo, the Ateca and the Alhambra have all been enhanced to make sure that the cars not only perform to the highest possible standard across all of the unpredictable British seasons, but they are as globally efficient as possible in an era where environmentally friendly car production is nothing short of priceless.


There seems to be a common perception that buying a brand-new plated car is so expensive that financially, it just isn’t manageable. This is not that case.

Here at Miller and Middleton, our sales teams expert knowledge of the new SEAT range, enable them to match each customer’s personal specification to one of SEATs incredible new cars. By simply exploiting our exemplary customer service and booking a test drive, we will give you £500 off any new SEAT car when you go to buy.

One of our most popular models is the new SEAT Ibiza FR. If you order the SEAT FR from the 21st December 2016 to the 2nd of April 2017 and register before the 30th of June, for residents of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will receive a year of comprehensive insurance from directly from SEAT for your vehicle as part of our exclusive offer.

The cover we offer consists of:  

·       Comprehensive

·       Telematics device and app policies, standard excess for all drivers: £150 for accidental damage, fire and theft claims in addition to the following young driver excess: £300 for drivers aged 18-20, £200 for drivers aged 21-24

·       Non-telematics policies, standard excess: £250 for accidental damage, fire and theft claims

·       Cover excludes driving other cars

·       Use Social, Domestic, Pleasure & Commuting and the option to include Class 1 business use where required (business use for policyholder only)

·       Windscreen replacement excess of £80


Despite SEATs new offers, there is no denying that when looking to purchase a brand-new 17-plate SEAT outright, it will cost more than buying a car second-hand. But with SEAT’s new finance option you will no longer have to compromise quality for affordability. 

By visiting Miller and Middleton directly you will be able to get a quote the same day for any model of your choosing and handpick the finance programme that best suits your personal needs. If you aren’t able to go directly to Miller and Middleton, you can still receive a quote tailored to your personal preferences by visiting SEATs website which will provide you with monthly repayment options. 

To add to this tremendous deal, for the small fee of £21 per month, you will get two years or 20,000 miles of SEAT recommended servicing which includes materials, labour and VAT costs.

So, not only is SEATs finance programme more than affordable, but you will save the money you would have inevitably spent on the maintenance of a second-hand car as well as the money you would have spent on things to make you feel good. Like clothes, shoes or even a new phone, because with a car from SEATs 2017 range you will already feel great.  

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