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Surfing in the Desert: CUPRA's European Expansion

Having captivated car lovers from all over the world at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 with the premiere of the CUPRA Formentor, CUPRA has now given an exclusive presentation of their elite management team.  

The spin-off SEAT brand, CUPRA, is chaired by president Luce de Meo. Alongside him in the expert team are huge names in motoring and design such as Wayne Griffiths, Antonino Labate, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos and many more.

A year after it’s launch, the CUPRA brand has consolidated its structure and grown its workforce up to 70 team members, an increase of 50%. CUPRA exceeded all expectations and forecasts in 2018 and obtained a 40% growth in sales.

2019 has already presented a lot of opportunities for CUPRA and whilst strengthening their position in their specific market and continuing to grow the specialist team behind the cars is, of course, an objective, CUPRA also has its eyes set on completing a European offensive.

CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths stated that the brand is looking to consolidate and begin to grow their presence in areas of Europe that they are already successful such as the UK, Germany and Spain. He also went on to mention that CUPRA will target a significant growth with the release of the new CUPRA Ateca in countries like France, Switzerland and Austria.

On The Right Path

Whilst SEAT’s goals for 2019 are ambitious, they are most certainly achievable with the positive trends continuing during the early stages of this year. CUPRA delivered 3,600 cars in the first two months of 2019, a 101% increase year on year. This triple-digit growth was complemented by the announcement of the first model developed by the brand, the CUPRA Formentor. This concept car is the manifesto of the brand, and its 100% CUPRA DNA will be launched onto the market in 2020.

Alongside the Formentor, CUPRA also presented the CUPRA Ateca Special Edition at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. This model adds increased performance levels and sophistication. There are plans for CUPRA to present four new models before 2020 in order to double sales in the next three to five years.

Miller and Middleton

Here at Miller and Middleton, we are always proud to showcase elite SEAT models in our showroom. Over the past five years, the growth and development that SEAT has made are truly staggering and the rise of their partner CUPRA brand adds to the excitement.

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