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Top Tips To Keep Your Car Cool Through The Summer

It’s a tough job maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car, especially during the hot summer months. The metal on the car retains a lot of warmth, and the glass windows allow heat and light to creep in so lowering the interior temperature can be a challenge.

Here are some solutions to your hot car issues:

Interior and Exterior

Obviously opening a window, sunroof or taking the roof down on your convertible is a basic solution letting the heat escape before you enter. However security might be an issue so many modern cars allow you to drop the windows from the remote car key, which is a simple way to let that hot air ventilate out of your car without compromising security.

Leather and vinyl seats also retain lots of heat, more so than fabric holster, so it’s always a good idea to carry a blanket in your car and cover the seats when it’s left in the sun for a long period of time. A long-term solution you could consider is tinting your car’s windows this also protects your interior plastics and leathers from harmful UV rays. A sunscreen for the front window is also a cheap and easy solution.


The inside workings of the engine always need to be cooled down in the summer, especially if it’s being used for a long period of time on long distance journeys. Your engine oil will need more regular checks. The cooling system and radiator should also be regularly checked as it’s the most important element in keeping your car cool through the summer heat.

Keep an eye on your windscreen wipers to make sure they haven’t cracked over winter, as well as your air-conditioning unit to make sure it’s performing properly. Your battery will need to be checked over summer, which over a long period of exposure to heat may lose charge or experience leakages.

So what have we learned?

Does this seem like too much to take in? For your piece of mind Miller & Middleton the SEAT specialists can perform a summer vehicle health checks to make sure all the elements above our checked and rectified as well as making sure your SEAT is ready for summer.

Miller & Middleton are the premier SEAT dealer in Essex, not only do we sell new and used SEAT’s we look after you following your purchase and make sure your SEAT is serviced consistantly.

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